Academy of Filipino Neurosurgeons, Inc.

Be Cool, Bukol: Updates on Diagnosis and Therapies for BRAIN TUMORS

Be Cool, Bukol: Updates on the diagnosis and therapies for brain tumors”

5:30pm-6pm: Registration
6pm -6:05pm (video): National Anthem & Invocation
6:05 -6:10pm (video): Opening Remarks / Message from AFNI: James A. Soriano, MD, AFNI President

6:10-6:50: Speaker 1
6:50-7:00: Live Q&A for Dr. Bi
7:00-7:20: Speaker 2
7:20-7:40: Speaker 3
7:40-7:50: Live Q&A for Dr. Torcuator and Dr. Bernardo
7:50-7:55: Certificate of Appreciation

7:55-8:10: Words from Sponsor (Everpharma)
8:10-8:15: Closing Remarks:
Manuel Mariano, MD, Section Head of Neurosurgery, SLMC Global

Wenya Linda Bi, MD, PhD

  • Rethinking Meningiomas
  • Using It All: Defining Possible in Deep-Seated tumors

Roy Torcuator, MD

  • Cutting Edge Therapy for Brain Tumors

Marie Christine F. Bernardo, MD

  • Anatomic and Molecular Diagnosis of Gliomas

Ibet Marie Sih, MD; Section Head Neurosurgery, SLMC QC